Wisconsin BEP | Empowering Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Well Trained Work Force

Merely being blind does not qualify someone to become a successful operator in the vending and micro market service business. As a matter for fact, only someone extremely passionate, self-motivated and driven are able to become licensed as Wisconsin Business Enterprise Program (BEP) operator.

Our unique training program prepares our business owners for not only the skills needed to provide high-quality customer service, but also how to run their own business. The BEP is designed to produce independent business owners who are fully capable of succeeding in the world–both personally and professionally.

Our training begins with insuring that each prospective licensee is able to navigate the world around them and communicate effectively. These skills are vital in assuring that candidates are prepared to take on the additional challenges that the remainder of our training program will demand.

Our prospective licensee then must master the numerous business and legal requirements that demonstrate they are prepared to run their own business. Just like any other business, this includes the creation of their own business plan which documents and guides their activities and direction.

The training is not solely limited to conceptual learning. Every prospective licensees must pass tests and complete hands-on training which guarantees that they are prepared to stock, maintain and service the equipment for which they are responsible. This portion of the training is only completed after an immersion into the real work environment through job shadowing and internships with existing BEP business owners.

At the end of the process we NEED new customers.  New accounts are the key to their success and while the BEP staff provides assistance and tools to help them grow their own business, if they don’t attract customers they will not succeed.

Contact us today, it’s a decision you’ll feel good about for years!