Wisconsin BEP | Empowering Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Starting a Career through the BEP

The mission of the Wisconsin Business Enterprise Program (BEP) is to establish, maintain and provide the best in vending and food service across Wisconsin through our small business development program.  Our food service partnership combines the resources of both the public and private sectors, with a goal of integrating qualified blind business operators into successful small businesses serving facilities that need vending and food services.

In order for a blind individual to qualify for entry into the BEP program, they must complete a series of education and training steps that lead to becoming a Licensed BEP Operator.  The BEP program has developed a step-by-step approach to guide prospective vendors, but it is the responsibility of interested blind individuals to take the initiative to complete these steps.

The BEP program focuses on helping individuals once they become licensed operators.  The BEP program is designed to help those with the drive and determination it takes to start and run their own businesses. Completing the steps and becoming a Licensed BEP Vendor does not guarantee that a new vendor will succeed. Only those entrepreneurs who are, like all small business people, willing to work hard and create their own opportunities will prosper.

Once a person has completed the steps to become a licensed operator, the BEP is prepared to offer additional resources to help market and identify new site locations, finance equipment and provide ongoing support.  The professional tools and support provided by the BEP program give every Licensed Vendor the ability to hit the ground running and grow the business of their dreams.

Those who succeed will change their lives forever and their success will help pave the way for the next generation of successful BEP entrepreneurs.

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