Wisconsin BEP | Empowering Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Information for Wisconsin DVR Counselors and Consumers

The Wisconsin Business Enterprise Program (BEP) is designed to help blind adults prepare for careers running their own small businesses in the vending/micro-market industry. This web site is designed to explain the program and outline the steps prospective vendors need to take to become Licensed BEP Operators.

The goal of this website and the materials it contains is to help provide both DVR Counselors and prospective BEP operators with a clear set of steps, expectations and tools which can be used to create new opportunities for success.  It is essential that all parties understand that ultimately creating and running a new small business requires hard work and dedication.  The BEP is not a supported employment program but rather a program that supports the path to real self-employment.

The BEP welcomes referrals of qualified individuals you identify in your work as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor but we encourage you to carefully review the Characteristics of a successful BEP Licensed Operator to help guide your referrals.  Please use this information as a guide. It is not intended to prohibit seriously interested individuals from pursuing the BEP as a career choice.

Additional information? Please review the following page or contact Kent Walser at 608.770.2710 or email to kent.walser@rsvw.org:

Contact us for more information regarding potential BEP career options.